Can Amla Helps Prevent Hair Fall?

  Men and women alike dread the thought of hairfall. For most of us, this is an age related problem, but for others it could also be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many home remedies that are effective ways to treat hair fall. Onion juice: The sulphur present in onion can help […]

Fox Nuts – 12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Them!

   However, it is time to think of something healthier, as we are already aware of the ill effects of these snacks all around us. This is where snacks like fox nuts are gaining popularity. Grown in the wetlands of Asian countries, they are also known as phool makhana (because of their flowery appearance) and […]

Yoga – Why Should I Do Yoga?

      There are so many benefits of doing yoga. Yoga can help you: improve and maintain the health of muscles, joints and organs keep your mind healthy get a better night’s sleep improve performance and prevent injuries in sports speed recovery from training prevent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and auto-immune disorders […]

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Focus on your patients, and let FMA and RMD do the rest

While much of the country is closed for business, we know that medical professionals continue taking care of patients, and many are staying busier than ever. Fix My Appointment (FMA) and Reach My Doctor (RMD mobile app) is still here to support your practice and relieve any unnecessary stress. Enjoy these features that will save […]

Maximise the efficiency of your practice

Maximise the efficiency of your practice and offer patients new levels of availability and accessibility   Continuity of Care: Optimise to Improve Better patient experiences lead to better health outcomes. Free up your front-desk with our products that work together to deliver a complete end to end experience. By optimising your booking flow and improving […]


Benefits of booking online  appointments

Benefits of booking online  appointments.   We book flights, hotels and restaurants online and with our recent 1000+  bookings per month  it’s clear that online health appointments are on the rise. So for those of you that still pick up the phone to make your health appointment you’re missing out on the chance to […]

What is patient experience and why does it matter?

The patient experience is a vital consideration for healthcare providers. It spans from the quality of care provided to the ease with which patients can get in touch with medical providers and book appointments – the sum of each interaction with medical professionals. In this sense, patients are very similar to consumers of many other […]

Benefits Of Drinking Water

  Whether you want younger skin, shiny hair or a healthy body, water is the best nutrient for all the three and much more. Here are some benefits of drinking water regularly. Nourish your skin Drinking water prevents the occurrence of wrinkles before time. Nature’s best cream that hydrates the cells of the body and […]

Ghee – The Amazing Benefits

Health Benefits of Ghee  Increases Digestion. Possibly the most well-known health property of ghee is the fact that it is an amazing agent for enhancing the digestive power. Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids and in turn increases our ability to break down food. Ghee also removes toxins and promotes elimination, both of which […]

World Pneumonia Day

Pneumonia is a lung infection that affects one or both lungs. It can be triggered by bacteria, virus or fungi and causes inflammation in the lung’s air sacs that make it difficult to breathe. Pneumonia can range from a mild infection to being a life threatening condition. This severity depends on the age and general health […]

How do I become focused?

Are you one of those people who seems to be all over the place a lot of the time with little focus? Do you stumble from one unfinished project to the next, repeatedly making mistakes? Are people rolling their eyes when you announce yet another project when your previous one is incomplete? Are you grasping […]

Can Yoga Boost Your Immunity? Read More To Know

Yoga has been touted amongst the best and most effective, time tested and natural way to eliminate various diseases and problems with the body as well as the mind. It is an antiquated craftsmanship that strengthens the body as well as relaxes the brain with the right dose of mindfulness as well. Yoga tends to […]

Your Skin Could Be Suffering From One Of These Dangerous Problems

Skin allergies occur when your body comes in contact with a foreign substance, and your body reacts with this foreign substance— such as pollen, bee venom, pet dander or certain chemicals. Various food items can also cause skin allergies. Your immune system produces responsory chemical proteins known as antibodies. When you get allergies, your immune […]