Focus on your patients, and let FMA and RMD do the rest

Appointment Schedule

While much of the country is closed for business, we know that medical professionals continue taking care of patients, and many are staying busier than ever. Fix My Appointment (FMA) and Reach My Doctor (RMD mobile app) is still here to support your practice and relieve any unnecessary stress. Enjoy these features that will save you time, reduce administrative burden and let  your patients  maintain social distance  by eliminating  wait time by booking appointments  for available  time slots.  So that you focus on patient care:

  • Access from your desktop, iPad, iOS or android phones
  • Appointment and billing profiles that streamlines scheduling to clinical charting to billing
  • Feed back from your patients
  • And many more!

If your account is  expired  don’t worry  please do send us mail with your email id  and phone number, we will  give you free  access to our software for 2 months.

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